Wednesday 31 January 2018

January Review

As we are on the last day of the month thought it was time to share some of my January projects here on my blog.

First up at the very start of the month I made some art journaling dice to help when you mojo fails you and you need a kickstart to your creativity.

I rolled just one of the dice and it landed on bird so here is what I decided to draw.

I have been working in both these journals for well over a year and thought it was high time I decorated the covers. They look much nicer on my shelf and I will definitely be decorating more of my journals as the year progresses.

And finally I share a sewing project I worked on throughout 2017 and put the finishing touches to it in the first week of January. I just love how many mindfulness quilt turned out...all my own design and very cosy. Been much used already!

How are everyone else’s January creative projects shaping up? 


  1. Fab projects, Clare, can't wait to see what you make in February


  2. Fabulous creations,love the

  3. So pretty journals and I'm in love with your quilt.
    Happy candlemass (or Imbolc)

  4. very beautiful work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!