Friday 30 January 2015

Paint Party Friday

This week I am sharing the second in a double page spread I was working on in a new homemade journal.

Here is how the double page looks together and I am sharing my work over at Paint Party Friday.

I am also going to enter this into the new for you challenge over at The Mixed Media Monthly blog as I brand new journal and new black gesso technique on my page.

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Week 4...

of the documented life with writing and friends theme. Here is my take on the challenge using marker pens and a touch of pencil crayon.

Saturday 24 January 2015

My first...

homemade threaded journal which I learned how to make on Jane Davenport's Supplies Me course. Here is the first page in my journal and I threw just about every medium I had at this! As well as paints there was also Big Brush Pitt Pens, oil pastels and Gelatos.

I am going to share my art project over at Paint Party Friday.

Thursday 22 January 2015


on the colour wheel but love that vibrant pop of colour they create. Something different on the paint front for me. I created two background cards using all sorts of yellow/purple tones other media. Then came some stamping and layering to create this card:

I am going to share my project over at Allsorts with their flower theme, Cute Card Thursday colourful and Craft Stamper.

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Week 3...

the documented life project 2015 and the lovely theme of 'colour wheel'. I used a warm up over the weekend which was first suggested by my art blog pal Susi and then also discussed by Jane Davenport on a course I just signed up for to help on the mojo front. I threw all the colours I could at it and then reined it in a bit with some back gesso stenciling . On the stash front I have neon inks and one neon paint...but looking for some neon colouring pencils...can anyone recommend some?

I am going to share my journal page over at Moo Mania  and More with their 'anything goes' theme.

Sunday 18 January 2015

More Smiles and that Missing MOJO!

A fortnight ago I was talking about smiling and that sometimes we don't smile enough. Well this week three things made me smile.

1. Receiving a shout out for my Goddess art work over at Paint Party Friday HERE

2. A fabulous comment that Erika left me about my calendar girl art 'You must be making art about yourself, because you did a beautiful piece!' Wasn't that lovely...thank you Erika.

3. A super funny video I spotted on Facebook and all dog owners wished their dog was the same when it came to bath time! HERE

And so I move on to the MISSING MOJO!!

Well, I don't think I have found it all (does a mojo have parts...LOL?), managed some essential crafting but not quite back on top form I think. But did have some fab suggestions from my lovely blog readers:

Suzi: Warm up first. I am assuming she meant a creative warm up like a scribble on a page or a splash of paint. Well, least I hope that was it; not a jog around the block...though that might work too!

SLSheibe: Write a list of all the cool projects you want to try and just pick one to see if it kick starts inspiration.

Massof hair: have a sort out and use some of that stash you forgot you had or have never used/not used lately.

Thanks for all the advice, I have had a rummage through my stash and pulled out dylusions ink sprays that haven't been used for ages. Also want to try some encaustic art/add layer of wax to art work so that is on my list of to dos and I think the warm up idea if brilliant!

Right so on to this week's question...what do you think is beautiful?

Friday 16 January 2015

Calendar Girl #1

To keep my upcycling junk and reuse theme going again this year I decided to create a journal out of my 2014 calendar. This art journal is going to focus on girls and I am going to try to add more of the figure rather than just the face. My page started with a colour block pattern and then I began to paint/add detail on top.
I am going to share my painting over at Paint Party Friday and Mix it up Monthly.

Monday 12 January 2015

Gone Walkabout...

Don't you just hate it when your creative mojo goes AWOL. Ok, so I am being hard on mine as I have a bug over the weekend so been feeling very green. But when creating keeps you sane and relaxed, then you need a way to try to create. Of course, you can't always expect your creative mojo to play ball can you? Perhaps that is the key to know when to walk away. I decided to go back to a recent art journal cover I created as I liked the way it turn out. I did make (just noticed I wrote make not create, not a good sign) journal page but choose colours I don't normally use...I think that was a big mistake! I should have gone with colours I love and then perhaps my inner critic would have stayed hidden...grrrr! Thanks to all those that read my keeping the faith post last week and a special thank you to massofhair comment that included what made her smile!

Your question for this week do you kick start your mojo?

P.S: this will also explain my non existent arty posts this week!

Saturday 10 January 2015

A little look...

at one of the images in my new PaperArtsy stamp designs is over at the PA blog tonight. The theme for the current challenge is 'Fragile Papers' so I decided to use coloured tissue papers in my project. Hope you will have time to hop over and see what I made.

Friday 9 January 2015

Is she my...

inner goddess? I never plan out my faces they just appear on the page and she seems very glamorous and goddess like. This is my week 1 page for The Documented Life Project 2015. I sketched her out boldly using a chinagraph pencil which can't be erased and then painted her using Inktense blocks and a little watercolour pencil.

I am going to share her over at Paint Party Friday.


Tuesday 6 January 2015

The Documented Life Project 2015

I am going to attempted the project again this year! I have decided to work on junk/off cut pages this time 7" x 5" in size.

Then journal onto the back using index card attached with washi tape.

All my pages are going to be attached on a supersized book binding ring and here is the front cover I have created. I used a fair few Polka Dots so I could share my journal cover over at Moo Mania and More. As this is a brand new journal cover and I also used a brand new polka dots stamp I am also going to enter my project into The Mixed Media Monthly challenge. 

Sunday 4 January 2015

Placing my faith...

in others. Over the past few days I have been able to make some of my fellow crafters, artists and bloggers smile by asking them to join me on the next step of my creative journey. I need what I think of as a mini design team to help me make samples for some new PaperArtsy stamp designs I have been working on. I am sure that some days like me you don't find a lot to smile about and although I didn't see any of them in person, I knew they were smiling as I was smiling when they said yes! I can't wait to share there work with you. I know I don't normally blog huge amounts of chat and my posts focus on my art work alone. As I start my new blog I also hope to share a bit more about me and my creative journey. I am hoping you will join me...What made you smile today?

Saturday 3 January 2015

Over at...

Unruly PaperArts this month our theme is 'Lets Face it' and I have an article to share with you.
Hop over to see more!


Friday 2 January 2015

Thinking Big!

Over the past few days I have been working on a large portrait using acrylic paints and added a touch of collage to finish her off.

I am going to share my painting over at Paint Party Friday

1 # 100 Faces