Sunday 18 January 2015

More Smiles and that Missing MOJO!

A fortnight ago I was talking about smiling and that sometimes we don't smile enough. Well this week three things made me smile.

1. Receiving a shout out for my Goddess art work over at Paint Party Friday HERE

2. A fabulous comment that Erika left me about my calendar girl art 'You must be making art about yourself, because you did a beautiful piece!' Wasn't that lovely...thank you Erika.

3. A super funny video I spotted on Facebook and all dog owners wished their dog was the same when it came to bath time! HERE

And so I move on to the MISSING MOJO!!

Well, I don't think I have found it all (does a mojo have parts...LOL?), managed some essential crafting but not quite back on top form I think. But did have some fab suggestions from my lovely blog readers:

Suzi: Warm up first. I am assuming she meant a creative warm up like a scribble on a page or a splash of paint. Well, least I hope that was it; not a jog around the block...though that might work too!

SLSheibe: Write a list of all the cool projects you want to try and just pick one to see if it kick starts inspiration.

Massof hair: have a sort out and use some of that stash you forgot you had or have never used/not used lately.

Thanks for all the advice, I have had a rummage through my stash and pulled out dylusions ink sprays that haven't been used for ages. Also want to try some encaustic art/add layer of wax to art work so that is on my list of to dos and I think the warm up idea if brilliant!

Right so on to this week's question...what do you think is beautiful?


  1. There is the old saying, Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, so this question is definitely subjective...

    I find Rain beautiful, it is Natures singing voice.

    I find laughter beautiful because it lights up faces and brings comfort to our Souls.

    I find beauty in kind words, RAK and stories either written or spoken.

    I find beauty in silence, taking that moment to Breathe, enjoying the view i have in that moment or that creative thought that pops in my head...

    So many more but don't want to bore:-) xxx

  2. I always find that beauty radiates from the inside out... I find colour beautiful, but true beauty to me comes from those following their bliss. Happy people are beautiful, youth is beautiful, music is beautiful... I find beauty in uniqueness...there is so much beauty in our midst if we search with a loving heart, and with less judgement!

    Sometimes a lack of mojo is just a pause to a new and different path!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Different for different people and different times I think..

  4. I agree with all of the above and have to say beauty can also be found when you are speaking your truth. This is evident in the words of your post today Clare and your expressions of gratitude. Your kindness in both your thoughts and words will bring many abundant blessings your way and I am sure you have already started to see this with the many great things happening in your life right now. xx

  5. I always thought the sun shining through clouds was beautiful. Happy people too - they're contagious and that's a good thing. Color!